The Wax Road have launched their own T-shirts

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“Until we decided to create our own shirts, we have thought that they are just clothing. Now we truly understand what this object of wardrobe is, that was turned from a trivial thing  into a brilliant one. ”

Your shirt is a phenomenal way of expressing yourself or transmitting a message. It really tells what you are and how you are. It doesn’t dependent of fashion or trend and gain historical value since you possess one.

That have motivated the guys from The Wax Road to rediscover them not only spiritually but also industrially.

They studied what is a shirt, they understood the cloth and the seam they need. They tested several suppliers to choose the best and eventually, they realized the shirts at a small factory in their hometown after their own project. For the band is important that everything with The Wax Road trademark to live no less than their music, in other words eternally.

Enjoy the video below released for their indiegogo campaign by themselves!


The Wax Road launches the live version of the ”Midnight Girl”

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A new production of The Wax Road! You probably expect another video dedicated to products they offer in their fundraising campaign but The Wax Road haven’t prepared something less special. Once they got in the studio, they decided to shot a series of live sessions, while giving us the opportunity to see where they record their debut album.

You’ve already heard the official version of the very recently launched song Midnight Girl, but now – until you get at The Wax Road concerts – you can enjoy their live performance below.

The live session was filmed by VOLT Cinematography team and recorded at MUST MUSIC studio where the whole new album must be recorded.

Please note that the band is in the fundraising campaign period for the debut album until 30th August, where their aim is to raise 5,000 €. At the moment they collected just 1,508 €.


Votează The Wax Road în Romtop!

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In the third week of ROMTOP, Do Things Right got on the 12th place and Let Me Feel on the 26th!

What is ROMTOP? It is a ranking of Romanian music from Radio Tribe in which dedicated bands and younger bands are fighting for a top place.

What is Radio Tribe ? It is an online radio appeared in 2013 that is based on a mix of rock music and Inde. Tribe broadcasts talk about what happens backstage at concerts or less randomly heard about or known by the public. Interviews, photos or short stories brought by DJ’s residents. a simple search on Radio Tribe . You can listen to them on the phone too. Download applications for the iPhone and Android and take with you the best sounds from Tribe.

Do Things Right | clip

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You already could listen to “Do things right” on radio stations such as Cool Radio or Radio Trib. You had the opportunity to watch the teaser for the new video. Now, finally the time has come to watch the full video clip that actually seems to be a short film.

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The Wax Road band launched a new song

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We are extremely pleased to present you our new song, shortly after we successfully launched “Let me feel”.

“Do things right” is the name of our new melody, which combines influences of classic Hard Rock with modern Rock shades, that come together through the wilds of Fuzz and is being spiced by a chorus of voices, and a solo psychedelic guitar .

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