Do Things Right | clip

You already could listen to “Do things right” on radio stations such as Cool Radio or Radio Trib. You had the opportunity to watch the teaser for the new video. Now, finally the time has come to watch the full video clip that actually seems to be a short film.

Its length goes slightly over 7 minutes, from the start, being a very bold step for the first video and a challenge for both the filmmakers who have worked on this creation, and why not, for the audience that have to dedicate 7 minute of their lifes to watch the video.

Do Things Right Film is a collaboration between The Wax Road and VOLT Cinematography. Written, directed and edited by Vlad Bolgarin and produced by Lucia Lupu. A military subject is approached in the context of inner struggle, with the own fears and obstacles in the way of self-discovery, and heroes from the battlefield turn their musical instruments into weapons.

Even if it is their first video production, The Wax Road never choose the easiest way, and this video is not an exception. With the support of the Ministry of Defence and the special police brigade “Lightning” who have contributed to this ambitious project, the whole team has invested much effort and passion in a qualitative product.

We have to mention that both “Do things right” and “Let me feel” singles are already available on the major online stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or Tidal.


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