As happens in the existence in every band, The Wax Road is much more than what one sees on the stage. The Wax Road is an independent rock band, and there are some other members behind them – altogether creating a team that builds the atmosphere and the place where the magic happens. That makes The Road Wax independent of any label because they are a Label.

Iaroslav Cojocaru


Iaroslav Cojocaru in the autumn of 2014 became the band’s manager. He got acquainted with the boys in the spring of the same year, at one of the editions of Drum Day, which Iaroslav organized in collaboration with Pezza Boutnari. The Wax Road also performed at this event, pleasantly surprising him.

Being engaged in many successful projects, Iaroslav gave to music a unique role in his life, a prominent one. He was even a DJ for several years, the activity he still practice occasionally, as a beloved hobby. So when the boys came up with the proposal to be their manager and help them develop their band, Iaroslav did not linger. It was like a vocation call.

Iaroslav Cojocaru is one that has developed, then organized the whole work scheme of the band, basically on a Label principle, laying the foundation of an independent band and aiming towards an independent band.