The Wax Road have launched their own T-shirts

“Until we decided to create our own shirts, we have thought that they are just clothing. Now we truly understand what this object of wardrobe is, that was turned from a trivial thing  into a brilliant one. ”

Your shirt is a phenomenal way of expressing yourself or transmitting a message. It really tells what you are and how you are. It doesn’t dependent of fashion or trend and gain historical value since you possess one.

That have motivated the guys from The Wax Road to rediscover them not only spiritually but also industrially.

They studied what is a shirt, they understood the cloth and the seam they need. They tested several suppliers to choose the best and eventually, they realized the shirts at a small factory in their hometown after their own project. For the band is important that everything with The Wax Road trademark to live no less than their music, in other words eternally.

Enjoy the video below released for their indiegogo campaign by themselves!

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