They come from the most European town – Ungheni, from a non-European country – the Republic of Moldova. After days and nights of rehearsals, consumption of hard drugs – sugarless green and black tea to name a few – like real musicians, they wrote their 1st album – ”Rambler In The Dark”. Thus, they discovered for the world the most innovative Rock Sound – adopted by many bands before them. Their CD copies have spread the world becoming the best selling album – among relatives and friends.

The followed 2 years tour ended before it even begun, with sold-out free entry concerts and thousands of excited fans that still have to listen to the band. They destroyed the hotel rooms partying loud in every city where they didn’t even get to sing yet. That tour has become a part of the history that everybody forgot before they get to know it.

They took a break to create something new. From the lack of inspiration, in the last summer days of 2018, they released a song called ”Summer city” with an animated music video that was blamed for plagiarism. The song is from their next EP that will be released someday. The EP will be called ”M” because they couldn’t make up something more original.

Thus, from the biggest rock stages of the world where they never performed yet and nobody gives a fuck about that, with a grand show that they still have to think about, The Wax Road comes to your town to do what many others have already done before – To Change The World!

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Tour Dates:

05.04.2019 – Underground, IAȘI (RO)
06.04.2019 – Motor’s Pub, SUCEAVA (RO)
07.04.2019 – La Țevi, CLUJ (RO)
08.04.2019 – Rock’n Roll Center, ZĂLĂU (RO)
09.04.2019 – Flex, ARAD (RO)
10.04.2019 – Incognito, DEBRECEN (HU)
11.04.2019 –  Kornet, KRAKOW (PL)
12.04.2019 – Music Lab, BRNO (CZ)
13.04.2019 – Jizak, PRAGUE (CZ)
16.04.2019 – Coco Bar, VIENNA (AT)
17.04.2019 – Kate’s Music Pub, GYOR (HU)
18.04.2019 – Prulček, LJUBLJANA (SI)
19.04.2019 – S8 Underground, BUDAPEST (HU)
20.04.2019 – Kućica, BELGRADE (RS)
23.04.2019 – Manufactura, TIMISOARA (RO)
24.04.2019 – Atelier, DRĂGĂȘANI (RO)
25.04.2019 – Rock’n Rolla, SOFYA (BG)
26.04.2019 – Melon, VELIKO TARNOVO (BG)
27.04.2019 – Smile, VARNA (BG)
08.05.2019 – Yellow Club, BUCUREȘTI (RO)
09.05.2019 – TBA
10.05.2019 – PubRock, CÂMPULUNG MUȘCEL (RO)
11.05.2019 – Aby Stage Bar, RÂMNICU VÂLCEA (RO)
12.05.2019 – TBA
18.05.2019 – Club Seven, CHIȘINĂU (MD)

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