Ion Tiuticov

Rhythm guitar

Ion was born on 27 September 1997 in Ungheni.

Being passionate about rock music, in 2013, Ion joined Dan Timofei (Voice & Lead guitar) and Victor Ceban (Drums), each of them being students of the same Musical School from Ungheni. At the end 2013, Cristi Budac (bass guitar) also joined the team, and they all formed The Wax Road band.

Ion Tiuticov is a rhythm guitarist that found himself in Blues-Rock, Hard-Rock, and Rock’n Roll styles. As the other team’s members, Ion is passionate about old style rock music.

He began playing the guitar, both due to his uncle, that is a guitarist and also because of the marriage of the Prince of New Zealand, where were performed The Eagles. Ion was catching the news sequence in which they sang “Hotel California” the song that made him join the music school, where he met Dan and Victor. They played a few times together on the initiative of their teacher, and after a long discussion with Dan, who intended to create his band to sing and write songs, he understood he wants to be a part of it.

Among the bands and musicians who influenced him are Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Eric Clapton, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Kings of Leon, etc.

If he has to name a place where the magic happens – he would say that this is certainly The Wax Road studio. That’s the place the music appears and the creative process occurs. It’s a small house where each member finds himself.

The scene is Mountain from which the artist’s work is heard and the place where people gather around to listen. Everything that happens there is supposed to let the audience as ecstatic. And it’s the place where Ion would like to be all his life.

Currently, Ion finds inspiration in the roots of rock music and some of the freshest trends.