Dan Timofei

Voice; Lead guitar

Dan Timofei is one of the band’s founders. He’s from Republic of Moldova, Ungheni. He was always passionate about rock music of ’60 -’70 of bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Guns’n Roses and others.

Dan started to play guitar when he was thirteen. Soon, he joined the Musical School, where he met his teacher Alexandru Mostovoi, who came back from the USA that year; Alexandru is actually a jazz bass player. The first and probably, the most important thing, his professor did for Dan, was introducing him to American Blues school, due to his living in America for 12 years. Joining the Music School – is considered by Dan one of the most beautiful events from that period.

For Dan, besides being a good teacher, Alexandru Mostovoi was also like a good friend or even like a father. He was the one who introduced Dan Timofei and Victor Ceban (Drummer) to each other, as both of them joined the Music School in the same year (2007). This way they always took the exams together, and being encouraged by Alexandru M., every Thursday they played together with their old friend – Corneliu Duplava, that studied bass guitar.

Dan was always inspired by the music and tempted to create his own, so he wrote his first song (Guitar&Voice) at the end of the fist year of studies.

His always dream was to create a rock band, so, in summer 2013, together with Victor C. they invited Ion Tiuticov (Rhythm Guitar) and at the end of 2013, they called Cristi Budac (Bass Guitar) to join them, in order to create together The Wax Road band.

With the band appearance, besides playing guitar, Dan started his career like a Lead Singer. He found his favorite singer and guitarist in one band – Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are some of his greatest influences. Another ”Jimi” that influenced his guitar playing is Jimi Hendrix with his wild vintage fuzz tone and, also, wild guitar performance.

Now, Dan Timofei, together with his team, is preparing their Debut Album, that will appear at the end of 2016.