Support us and get unique accessories

The Wax Road is in full crowdfunding campaign and continues to encourage contributors with an original series of videos that highlight our love for art, creation, and everything we conceive.

Today they come with a new product, with Italian flavor and spirit. It is all about the GIFT PACK with leather accessories that delight supporters on Indiegogo Platform with quality, utility, and style. The package contains a bracelet, a key ring and two Cable Holders, made from Italian leather. Why bracelets? Because the accessories create an exclusive look. Why Holders? For headphones to tangle no longer in the pockets of all music lovers. And why Key Rings? Because it is extremely helpful when you own a massive set of keys, and it also looks great.

The band members have worked hard to devise a durable, vintage model, with The Wax Road trademark.

Please note that the campaign was launched on on July 22 and lasts until 30 August, where thair target is to raise  5,000€. So far they have collected € 1,426.

Watch the video below to understand better what you have to get.

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