Why do we keep our music on CDs in the XXI century?

The Wax Road are responsible and today, on July 29th, they released the first video about one of the products they we offer in their fundraising campaign, and here they are talking about their CD. Here you will learn why in the 21st century, being all surrounded by the digital world, they decided to go ahead with the classic version, putting their music on a CD.

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Their fundraising campaign launched on the indiegogo.com is quite convenient for both, the band and their supporters. Depending on the amount donated, you can enjoy special packages which contain: from stickers, autographed greeting cards,  the digital copy of the album, to shirts, leather accessories, CDs and even the chance to join them in the next video.

An important detail is that all physical CD buyers will find their names on its cover.

During the campaign, they promise to launch other videos for other products branded The Wax Road, but until then let’s look at their prepared spot below.

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