It’s Official! DO THINGS RIGHT video will be released on 6th of June!

The Wax Road leaves you no more to wait! On Monday, June 6th, early in the morning, on their YouTube channel will be launched the music video for Do Things Right!
You already know that “Do Things Right” blends the classical Hard Rock influences with the modern Rock shades, a profound message and a huge rhythm section that pulses the energy through your veins, all this mixed in a wild vintage fuzz and flavored with a voice choir and a psychedelic guitar solo.

The video, directed by Vlad Bolgarin will be one of the highest quality, which is due to cooperation with VOLT Cinematography. In the video, besides The Wax Road band members, we will see the other 4 actors that seems to be the negative personages, with some weapons in their hands, running towards the stage where we just can suppose that there will be a cruel clash. Are we right or wrong? It remains to find out very soon, because there remained counted days till the launch of the full Music Video.

Now, however, we urge you to watch the trailer!

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